"It was great to see the whole site ‘practically’ complete and being enjoyed by the staff and pupils. It has been a great project to work on. Not only is the building fantastic, but it has been a pleasure to work with the Bray & Slaughter team.

The school are delighted with the building and landscape. We met one teacher who said how wonderfully designed the classrooms are and said to pass on her thanks.

Many thanks to everyone for your hard work!"

Suzanne Gough | Client PM | Wiltshire Council
Wootton Bassett Infant School

"Just a quick note to say how pleased Jane was today with the fit-out works which successfully handed over this afternoon. I am also very pleased with the result and have never seen such a set of happy Clerk of Works either.

It has been a very stressful project but your team have worked extremely hard with good humour to make this a success which is greatly appreciated".

Barnaby Dodwell – JLL
University of Bath, Polden Café Fit-Out

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks and compliments to the Bray and Slaughter team.

I am the technical lead BMS in Newborn Screening and Biochemical; it has been an incredibly difficult year for my section with all the disruptions of the modifications required as part of the re-configuration plans to phase 1, level 1 in the blood sciences building.
It was hard to cope with the constant moving of equipment, reagents and staff while trying to maintain our diagnostic service.

I found that the B&S team were always supportive and informative with each step of the re-configuration plans. The team were always polite, respectful, organised, tidy and tried to minimise the impact within our diagnostic laboratory.
I was impressed in the way that the Site Manager always expected  the best workmanship from his team and that he cared about my concerns and problems in managing the section.

I have recently spoke to Steve Jones, who is the technical lead in Toxicology; he also found the B&S team easy to work with throughout these very stressful times.

Please accept my great thanks and pass my appreciation for all the hard work".

Katy Murdoch-Davis MSc CSci FIBMS │ Lead Biomedical Scientist in Newborn Screening and Biochemical Genetics

"I have discussed internally B&S performance for the type of project produced and the way it has been carried out, I could not recommend a contractor more highly. Everything has been dealt with so well by the team here. The B&S team have been very easy to work with and there have been nice personalities around the table, nothing seems to be a problem. The team are flexible and non-confrontational despite our making demands, which have been met all the way through the project. In addition, the relationship with the school has been excellent. The team have been great and always flexible, in fact everyone has been consistent with their approach and demeanour".

Nasir Khawaja – Department for Education
Brentry Primary School Refurbishment

"The Clients team including F&G would happily sign up to another project with B&S. They really understand the clients needs and the school as a main stakeholder. The project has been safe and the childrens experience was not hugely diminished by working in a temporary facility. It has not felt like the school has gone through a building project. If you walked in today you would never know it has been a refurbishment project but more likely to expect that it was a new build with the quality of finish produced".

Nasir Khawaja – Department for Education
Brentry Primary School Refurbishment