20th January 2021

B&S Website takes on a new look!

Happy New Year and welcome to our re-freshed website, which we hope you find an insightful reference point into the quality, type of service and added value we deliver to our clients across the region.

2020 tested our ability to adopt new ways of working, innovate, critique and adjust methodologies and more than ever required collaboration and tenacity to harness the skills of our suppliers and partners. Our ability to plan, co ordinate and control all aspects of the construction cycle ensured that we delivered projects safely, with minimal interruption in the healthcare, higher education and commercial sectors of the market.

The commitment of our staff and suppliers supported site progress and aided us in driving projects toward practical completion, but we were also able to harness lessons learned and bring those into proposals and bid documents.  The ability to display and demonstrate this tacit knowledge at bid stage underpinned an excellent end to the calendar year, during which we secured new projects in the primary, further education and defence sectors of the market, while securing additional works on the campus of one of the regions most respected universities.

During 2021 we will continue to focus and build on the strength of our approach, where we unite the best and most responsibly managed local specialists to deliver above and beyond our clients expectations.  We believe in the practical economic and social impact of ensuring that investment in our region is apportioned amongst suppliers who can demonstrate a commitment to delivering the highest quality service.

Our commitment to social development and improving the communities within which we work, saw us continue to invest in ongoing professional development, graduate recruitment and the support of charities such as the Matthew Tree & LandAid.

Now more so than ever, trusting in skilled, connected and committed teams to deliver projects is at the forefront of our clients minds and we look forward to bringing more of your ‘buildings to life’ in 2021.

Thank you for taking an interest in Bray & Slaughter.