Hunger hurts, it damages mental and physical health, it lowers performance in school and at work, and the strain it causes can tear families apart. Hunger contributes to many social ills, from domestic violence to drug use to theft.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, how old you are, what your background is or anything else – hunger doesn’t discriminate in anyway……….. enter stage left the Withywood Centre Carpenters Foodbank.

This community project has been serving local people for 10 years and is an essential part of the local area, relied upon by hundreds of Clients. During last month the food bank served over 623 people which is their highest in 10 years.

The organisation is reliant upon donations from members of the public, local churches, schools, supermarkets and local businesses.

This is a fantastic project, and it was great for two members of the B&S team, Helen and Zoe to volunteer yesterday. The team sorted out the Christmas room arranging an array of food into categories and sorting toys for babies and children and adult gifts for men and women.

You will see from these photos that the top shelf is completely empty, this is normally brimming which is another example of the effect the cost of living crisis is having on these critical community organisations.

There are many ways in which you can support the food bank, from volunteering to providing food/drink essentials.

Please visit the Withywood Centre Carpenters Foodbank Facebook page ( ) for ways in which you can support.

Helen said: “It was a pleasure to meet with Tracey, Mary, Debbie and the rest of her team and a real privilege to be able to support this community project and their dedicated support staff and volunteers”.