4th January 2022

Bray & Slaughter smash food collection in our 5th consecutive year with a whopping 152 kgs donated to the Matthew Tree Project.

This Christmas B&S colleagues, family and friends have been collecting food parcels to support the Matthew Tree Project helping vulnerable families in crisis throughout the city of Bristol.

Below is an extract from the Matthew Tree Project which explains the inspiration behind the charity.


It was a Sunday morning in the summer of 2010. I drove to church through Stokes Croft and as I waited at red traffic light just outside Hamilton House, to my left side I noticed an elderly gentleman laying on the pavement motionless. He was dressed in jacket, tie and shirt. Admittedly, all had seen much better days but I felt it was an admirable attempt to retain at least some degree of dignity in the face of such humiliation. People walked by going about their day, it seemed not even noticing the man on the floor. The immense sadness of the sight struck me to the core. This is someone's son. Maybe someone's father, brother or uncle. It was all so wrong.

The light turned to green and I drove on the 300 yards or so to my church in Jamaica Street. I got out of the car and locked the doors. I went into the church with a happy to see you 'good morning' to those I passed on the way to my seat. Then, as I sat down in the chair I suddenly realised I had done the exact same thing as everyone else and just passed by the man on the floor. I felt ashamed of myself and vowed there and then to do whatever I could to help the many 'people on the floor' and not walk on by ever again. This was the moment I decided to establish a charity to tackle the problem! I had no idea what I was going to do or how I was going to do it but just felt I had to at least try.

2021 was our 5th consecutive year supporting the Matthew Tree Project and we are so proud of the achievement of so many of our people.

We look forward to exceeding 2021's collection in 2022.