Underpinning the quality of our service are the rigorous practices and processes that combine to produce the outstanding spaces and facilities that B&S create.

B&S have a fully vetted and regularly externally verified ISO:9001:2015 Quality Assurance system that covers all functions of the business.

B&S measure performance across time, cost and quality and seek Client feedback and customer satisfaction reports on all contracts.  In collaboration with the Client B&S look to agree a mutually acceptable set of Key Performance Indicators that can be themed as a measure of performance and aid in the setting of benchmarks. 

B&S maintain their standards through a combination of a high number of directly employed tradesmen under the direct control of Bray & Slaughter management; allied to this B&S have a well proven supply chain.  In order to qualify and maintain status as an approved supplier it is necessary to display evidence of compliance with insurance, tax, health and safety and quality standards.  Sub-contract and Supplier performance is consistently monitored.  

Audits are carried out by third parties regarding contract performance which B&S treat as a valuable source of information and as an aid to driving continuous improvement in their performance.