Bray and Slaughter Ltd recognise the impact of construction on the environment and are embracing issues such as energy consumption and carbon emissions.

We are consistently reviewing our performance targets and improving our processes through embracing our supply chain, business partners, employees and stakeholders which is providing improved environmental solutions.

Our overall approach is guided by our Environmental Management System and is accredited to ISO 14001:2015. This regulates our sustainable processes, and ensures that our people are able to manage risk and identify opportunities through best practice, continuous improvement and improved integration.

Bray and Slaughter are also dedicated to responsible sourcing and purchasing, which requires assessment of suppliers environmental credentials with a focus on low impact materials where possible. Additionally, we are consistently working with designers to improve the lifecycle environmental performance of our projects, through better planning, stronger procurement and aftercare.

We are taking steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by reducing demand for fuel and energy emanating from our business practices, and are actively measuring our carbon footprint of our construction projects.

Further more, we are dedicated to protecting and enhancing biodiversity, ensuring that wildlife and ecosystems are considered when planning our activities.