"As the project is coming to an end, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your assistance whilst you have been at Lackham overseeing the project.  What a year it has been for you! First coping with Covid-19, then the interruptions to your supply chain and difficulties getting materials as a result of Brexit.  You kept me up to date as the project progressed and regularly communicated issues that affected the college.  I did not want you to go without saying that it has been a pleasure having you here at Lackham and I wish you all the very best with your next projects".

Julie Haslett
Wiltshire College

"It was a very positive experience working with Bray and Slaughter and this is the view of the others within the Trust. The Trust, the staff and all building users are very pleased with the finished product and all are very positive.  I would score a 10/10 for overall experience."

Peter Newland - Royal United Hospital, Bath
Bernard Ireland House

"It has been a pleasure to work with Bray & Slaughter. Other contractors can be very challenging but this was not the case with Bray & Slaughter. In comparison to other contractors it was great. Clearly Client satisfaction is a very high priority to Bray & Slaughter. From the outset this was reflected in everyday dealings with the project team and right through to project completion. I would definitely recommend Bray & Slaughter and consider them for future projects".

Arthur Williams – Wiltshire Council Representative
Castle Mead Primary School

"Well done team, great work in difficult circumstances and – to my knowledge – all completed without complaint of disturbance from the adjoining occupiers, thank you".

Andrew Gough – Dyson
Dyson DIET Spaces Refurbishment

"We like the fact that you were a user friendly, local contractor with a non-adversarial approach. The quality of workmanship was very good, B&S worked hard to get the quality right and we are pleased with the end result".

Ian Davies
Lucozade Ribena Suntory – Refurbishment

"B&S are honest, reliable and non adversarial – a consistently good contractor. This was a difficult project which required excellent workmanship which was all achieved".

Mr Martyn Whalley – Director of Estates
University of Bath – Newlands Farm