25th April 2023

Mock Interviews at Oasis Brightstowe

Engaging with local schools and colleges is something that we at Bray & Slaughter are committed to and we love that each visit presents a completely different experience.  For us we also like these experiences to benefit not only the students involved but that of our own apprentices.  

So earlier this week, Zoe our Digital Marketing Apprentice visited Oasis Brightstowe Academy in Shirehampton to take part in mock interviews with the students. The interviews were conducted in the Library on campus which created an intimate atmosphere and helped keep students relaxed.

Zoe interviewed 7 students throughout the process and despite initial nerves, the students displayed professionalism and confidence in their answering of a wide variety of questions. Many other volunteers from both the public and local businesses attended to give these students valuable experience in interviewing for a job role.

We just know there is a bright future ahead for the Oasis Brightstowe Academy students.