14th March 2024

Bringing the future to life in National Careers Week!

This week we have been busy with attending schools to carry out activities to help students explore their dream jobs.

We believe in sparking passion early on and empowering young minds to discover their potential.

That is why we took a trip to Oasis Brightstowe Academy in Bristol to meet a group of Year 10 students to provide mock interview training. It was lovely to meet the students who communicated so well whilst sharing their story and doing so with a great deal of confidence.

These mock interviews provided the students with;

·      Invaluable experience and feedback on their interview skills
·      A chance to learn about different career paths in construction
·      Increased confidence and preparedness for future interviews

Thank you to Melanie Powell at Oasis Brightstowe Academy for a well organised event, your students are a true credit to you.