20th December 2023

Christmas Spirit!

As the festive season is upon us, our hearts turn towards gratitude and generosity. While we cherish time with loved ones and indulge in holiday traditions, it's also a time to remember those less fortunate. This Christmas let's extend our giving spirit beyond the immediate circle and embrace the magic of charity.

Every act of kindness, big or small, can make a world of difference. Whether it's volunteering your time, donating to a worthy cause, or simply spreading awareness, you have the power to bring hope and change to someone's life.

So, we are proud to say that thanks to our fabulous employees and their amazing families we are delighted that our Matthew Tree Food collection 2023 is set to be the biggest yet!

Today, our friends at the Matthew Tree Project arrived to receive the donations and were surprised at the sheer quantity of the collection. We are so happy to support this local charity, and to give something back to our local community in South Bristol helping families in crisis during this special time of year.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to collaborating with you in 2024.